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Dean Rojas Signature Series

Buzzing WarMouth

The Buzzing WarMouth is the latest signature bait designed with Big Bite Pro staffer, Dean Rojas. This bait is a new buzzing alternative to the already proven Warmouth.


This signature bait designed with Big Bite Pro staffer, Dean Rojas is already a proven winner as Dean used it for top finishes on the FLW and B.A.S.S Tours, including winning the B.A.S.S. Battle on the Bayou in April 2011.

Cane Thumper

The Cane Thumper features the same great profile and body shape of the other Rojas signature shapes. It has a detailed head with large ribs on the bottom and hook pockets on the top, bottom and sides. These hook pockets give the Cane Thumper less plastic in the core of the bait to “ball up” on your hook point and interfere with hook sets. The tail features a paddle style which gives the Cane Thumper a nice swimming action.

Sugar Cane Worm


Big Bite Baits is proud to announce the newest additions to the Dean Rojas Signature line of Big Bite Products. The Cane Thumper and Sugar Cane Worm join the Cane Stick and Fighting Frog in becoming the newest baits designed by Big Bite Bass Pro Dean Rojas.  

Cane Stick

Dean wanted a bait that he could fish when bass were held up tight in cover and would not chase baits, so Dean designed the Cane Stick. The Cane Stick has a slow, natural fall that he can fished around docks and other thick cover when a slower presentation is needed during tough bite conditions.

The Cane Stick comes in two different sizes 4.5” and 5.5” and comes in 12 different bass catching colors to cover all your fishing conditions. One unique feature of the Cane Stick, is its hook slot designed into the bait for improved hook ups at either end of the bait. When you wear out one end of the Cane Stick you simply re-rig the bait on the other end getting double use out of your Cane Stick. The Cane Stick can be rigged and fished in many different ways to match any fishing conditions that you will be faced with on the water.  Texas, Carolina, Wacky and weightless are a few suggestions in how the you can rig and fish the Cane Stick. One characteristic of the Cane Stick is the natural shimmy action of the bait as it falls making it a great bait choice to use when fished weightless texas style or fishing wacky style.  Another key feature is the weight of the Cane Stick it is heavy enough to cast on either baitcasting or spinning equipment.


Fighting Frog - Order Now

Big Bite is very excited to announce the release of the new Dean Rojas Signature Series Fighting Frog.  The Fighting Frog is available in two sizes and 14 unique colors.  

Unlike traditional frogs, this bait is designed to be used flipping, pitching, Carolina rigging or as a jig trailer.  Frogs have always been used as topwater baits.  The Fighting Frog takes frogs to a whole new level of fishing and is a new type of flipping bait.  This frog is made to be used below the surface and give fish a new and realistic look.   It features a compact body with small front legs for subtle action and larger back legs that have a great swimming action.  When fished with a light weight, it has a natural gliding action on the fall or a heavy weight can be used for faster presentations.  It is also the perfect follow up bait when you miss a strike on a topwater frog.   

One of the most important features of this bait is the innovative new design of pockets and grooves.  The Fighting Frog has hook pockets on the top and bottom, but the key is additional grooves on the sides.  These channels and grooves prevent the bait from balling up on the hook and interfering with hooksets.




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“I am very excited about these baits.  There is nothing like them on the market.  The design of the baits allow them to collapse for maximum hook penetration. 

 All designs have great action in the water and we have some great colors, I can’t wait to use them this year on the Elite Series,” Dean Rojas.