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3.5" Rojas WarMouth

  WarMouth $5.99

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"What can I say . . . well . . . how about " W-A-R-M-O-U-T-H" . . . What a bait. A win right out of the gate makes all that work of perfecting this bait worth while. Thank you, Big Bite, for allowing me to design such an amazing product, and for your support". ~ Dean Rojas - Toledo Bend BASS Elite Series Champion 2011

Big Bite is proud to announce the WarMouth, the latest signature bait from Big Bite Pro Dean Rojas. Dean has been working on the WarMouth since early 2010 after coming to Big Bite with the concept for a bait of this type. In fact, Dean has used prototype baits to help him take a 3rd place finish at the 2010 Elite Smith Mountain event, an 8th place finish at the first FLW Tour stop in 2011 at Lake Okeechobee in Florida and most recently winning the Trokar Battle on the Bayou in Toledo Bend, LA.

The WarMouth is a deadly sight fishing bait that has helped Dean to top finishes. Also known a swim bream, the subtle kicking action of the legs also make it a great swim jig trailer. The WarMouth is compact at 3.5" long and designed to be fished with a Extra Wide Gap worm hook.

Looking at the WarMouth you can see special things that have been done to the bait to allow it to be fished on its side without line twist. The legs and body design allow the bait to be rigged Texas style and fished sideways without spinning on the fall. This gives the bait a natural gliding action on the fall. If you look closer at the WarMouth you will see three ridges that are molded into the flat side of the body. These ridges let you skin hook your hook point to make it weedless and allow great hook penetration.

WarMouth $5.99 for a 4 pack available in 10 colors.

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Chartreuse Blue Gill



4 Pack


SS Shad                                              



4 Pack


Watermelon Red Ghost



4 Pack





4 Pack


Green Blue Gill



4 Pack


Wild Shiner



4 Pack


War Party



4 Pack


Easy Money



4 Pack


Green Pumpkin



4 Pack


Baby Bull Head



Special Price $1.99

4 Pack


Sunfish Laminate



4 Pack


Shell Cracker



4 Pack





4 Pack





4 Pack


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I am very excited about this bait.  I wanted a bait that could mimic a bluegill and provide a lot of action.

Dean Rojas 


Dean designed the WarMouth to be fished in a much different style. Dean fishes and rigs the WarMouth Texas style, but the bait is rigged on the flat sides rather than vertically. 

This gives it a unique profile and action on the fall that represents a bluegill or baitfish. Also, when fished this way the WarMouth resembles a bluegill feeding on its side with its tail kicking up. 

Click Here to see a Video of Dean describing the Warmouth