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 Big Catches!

Welcome to the big catch page. Here you can view descriptions and images of fish caught with Big Bite lures. If you would like to submit your own big catch please send an email with the images attached to: bbbaits@bellsouth.net.

Place "Big Catch" in the subject window.  Please provide the fishes weight, where it was caught, and the style and color lure used.

Good Fishing!  


Robert's Monster     Brady's 5 Pounder  

Robert Oney caught these bass on Lake Conroe during a Fishers of Men tournament using a black/blue flake Trick Stick.  The big one was 25 and 8.5 lbs.

‎Brady Roland caught this 5lber on a Big Bite Bait Trick Stick


Eddie's Big Catch     Dustin lands one on a Craw Tube  

Our buddy Eddie Whitehead caught these on using Big Bite Jerk Minnows.

Thanks to the big bite baits 4" craw tube in pumpkin color Dustin Wilkey was able to land this 6 lb pig.

Hunter Hauls Them In     Mulherin hooks one on a Yodaddy  

Our buddy Hunter Swaite caught these on Black Neon Fighting Frogs at Horseshoe lake.

Hank Mulherin of Hooks, Texas caught this nice bass on a Russ Lane Yodaddy!


Duck Lands 12 pounder      Pete's Monster  

Sabrina Duck sent in this great Picture.  They caught this 12 lb 6 oz bass on Big Bite Creature on Arbuckle Lake in Oklahoma. They also reported catching an 8 - 5, 7 - 91 and a 6 1/2 and won two tournaments in a row on Creatures.



Pete Lebaron caught this monster on a Big Bite 3.25" Paddle Tail.


Richilde's Largemouth      Ben Saunders 10 pound Beauty  

Richilde Campbell of Carmen, ID caught this 24 inch 7 pound monster on a recent trip to Texas on a Big Bite 5" Trick Stick in the Bullfrog color. She hauled in a 20.5 inch, a 21 inch and my prized 24 inch 7 pound monster fish (pictured above) all hooked on your 5" Trick Stick!  

Ben Saunders caught this monster on a Red Shad Big Bite 6" Kriet Tail Worm at lacynge power plant lake in lacynge, ks was 10.57 pounds made my week month and year

Leftridge Lands 7 pounder      Nick Cawdwell  


Big Bite Pro staffer Keith Leftridge caught this 7lb 4oz Smithville Lake pig on a green pumpkin Kriet Kreature

Nick caught this fish at 11:32 A.M. on a GREEN WITH RED SPARKLES YOMAMA !!!!!! it weighed 11.7 pounds!!!!!

Neely Henry      Randy's First Win  

Matt caught this on a Cane Stick at Neely Henry.

Congrats to Randy Ladner on his first club tournament win. Randy flipped a Big Bite fighting frog all day to beat 6 adults and take the club victory. Add a caption Congrats to Randy Ladner on his first club tournament win. Randy flipped a Big Bite fighting frog all day to beat 6 adults and take the club victory.!

Ferdin Goes Froggin      Abbey's Bass  

Johnny Ferdin caught this lunker on a Dean Rojas fighting frog


Congrats to Abbey on this great looking bass.  So good to see kids fishing!

Charlie's 13 Pounder      Hubbard Creek Bass  

Charlie Haralson with a 13.10 monster bass caught on a Big Bite trick stick on Falcon Lake

Scott Landon caught this 7-13lb bass on Hubbard Creek

Chris's Big Red      Heather's 6 pounder  


Check out this 30 inch Redfish caught by Chris on our shrimp! What a big bite!

Robert Jordan sent us the following picture of his wife Heather with her 6lb largemouth bass caught on the Rojas Fighting Frog  

Choke Canyon  11 pounder      Choke Canyon 10 pounder  

11 lbs. 2oz. Caught 4/18 at Choke Canyon in Three Rivers, Tx by Daniel Moy, Jr. In 10 feet of water during a tournament on a watermelon/red cane stick. What a monster!

This is a 10lb 6oz bass from Choke Canyon Texas caught on 4-23-10 by Bradley Banks of South Texas Elite Guide Service with son Chandler Banks. Fish was caught with the Watermelon/Red Trick Stick. WOW I LOVE THIS BAIT

Nick's First Walleye      First Catch of the Season  


 Here is 12 yr old Nick with his first walleye caught on a 3/4 oz chartreuse Thump jig and a 3" chartreuse bio minnow from the Detroit River.

Andy Fournier submitted this photo of his first catch of the season in British Columbia caught on Hatzic Lake on a black blue brush jig with a big bite baits chunk.  The bass was 6 pounds and 22 inches long.

Lake Record      Toledo Bend on Cane Stick  

Congrats to Big Bite Pro Jeff Kriet on catching a 12.12 monster bass on Murray Lake that broke the lake record by over 2 pounds.  He caught it on a 4 inch Kriet Kreature in watermelon red.

Roger Bacon submitted this photo

"Love the new Cane Sticks. 5 Inch Tilapia color w/ 4/0 1/16oz EWG. Toledo Bend, but they are eating em on Sam Rayburn as well."
Great Day with Dad      El Salto Pig  


This is a great picture of Bronze and Cash Warren who spent a great day fishing with their dad. This is one of many they caught using Rojas Fighting Frogs and Kriet Kreatures.




Matt Richardson of Plano, Texas submitted this photo I thought that you might like to see a pig from a trip to El Salto earlier this month. All fish were taken on 10 Kriet Tail worms, 6 Kriet Creatures and 8 Kriet Tail Lizards. Top colors were Tilapia, Watermelon, Watermelon Red, and Watermelon Chartreuse tail. These baits are awesome!
Mark's Big Mouth      Wire2Fish Winner lands big one  

Check out this largemouth with fighting frog still in his mouth submitted by Mark Leach.


Alan Shelton caught this lunker using a Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog in Black Blue Flk/Saphire Laminate

23 Degree Catch      Biggest Fish Ever  

Jerry Kelly and Dennis McGoan caught this incredible stringer of 5 fish that weighed in at 32.65 lbs.  Their big fish weighed 8.3 lbs.  Jerry said they caught them on Jigs and Big Bite Chunks.  What a catch in 23 weather when they left the dock.  It never got over 34 all day.

Dale Driggers caught this bass using Big Bite Baits in SC. His biggest fish ever!

 Saginaw Bay despite chemo      Sugar Lake  

Alex Ieuter caught these walleyes in Saginaw bay in early Sept on Bio Crawlers.  Alex is currently facing chemo treatments for cancer. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Sergio Herrera caught this 10 pound Bass in Sugar Lake Mexico on a florida rigged 8" Big Bite lizard in color mesquite

 Falcon Lake      Canadian Walleyes  

9.9lbs using BBB 5" trick stick Tilapia  on Falcon Lake, TX.



Trent La Hue caught these Walleyes in Canada on Bio bugs
 South African Bass      Nuts for the Squirrel Tail  

Wayne caught this 9.2 lb bass on a Fighting Frog which is still in its mouth.



This lunker was caught on the new Jeff Kriet squirrel tail worm in blue fleck.

 Bob Boyd's  -  Falcon      Lake Giants  


These baits worked great on those Falcon Lake Giants! Every day we caught fish on them in about 17 feet deep.



We averaged around 5 lbs, but some were in the 8 lb range. Simply stated these baits catch fish. Thanks for making a great product.

 JB's Trout     Nancy's Redfish  

25" Speckled Trout caught in the Upper Laguna Madre (Corpus Christi).  JB Manning caught it on your Shrimp Core 6" Bio Bait Straight Tail Jerk Minnow, which is still  in the fish's mouth!


Nancy Brush caught this great redfish fishing in the Appalachicola Bay off of  Eastpoint, FL
 Tammy's Trout    

 Abraham's Bass Pics


Tammy caught this limit of trout off the coast of St. George Island.  She was throwing a 5" Bio Bait jerk minnow in Watermelon Gold next to an oyster bed in the middle of the bay.  All were over 18 inches.  It's a "miracle minnow".


Check out these pics submitted by Abraham Rodriguez


 Texas Night Fishing    

 South Dakota Walleye


Amber Jones caught this beautiful Largemouth on Lake Nacogdoches night fishing.  She was throwing a 5" trick stick in watermelon candy in about 3 foot of water off the boat docks. At 8 lbs and 24" this is her biggest fish ever.


Doug Veldhuizen caught this 22 inch, 3 lb walleye on a Big Bite Baits Bio Bait 2.5 inch minnow in red tail chub while fishing in the Angustora Reservoir in South Dakota



 Kyler's Catch    

 Michigan Smallmouth Bass


9 Year Old Kyler Coger caught this Bass at Choke Canyon Reservoir in South Texas in June of 09. It was caught on a 5 Trick Stick in Spinach. The Bass was 26.50 in Length and weighed 12.3 pounds.


Check out these smallmouth bass caught by Mike Ebach on Roadkill color Bio Bait Tubes in upper MI


 Panama City, FL    

 10 Pounder

Jordan Fonville submitted this redfish  caught on a 4 in. Jerk Minnow in sea trout

 Chattahoochee River

Steve Dodson of Mt. Juliet TN with a 10 pound bass he caught
on a Big Bite lizard from a private lake near Nashville


Snagged on a texas rigged green pumpkin Yomama,

 Drop Shot

Bronze Warren with a 6.5 lb largelip.

  Man what a fight

This 5 lb big fish submitted by Matt Driver was caught on a Bio minnow on a Drop shot
 Cole's 1st fish of the year
Jason Allen caught this 5 lb spot on a YoMama Carolina rigged.

 Saltwater Team

  Cole Hanson caught this 4 lb. 8 oz bass on a 6" Biobait Thumpin Worm in Watermelon Candy
 Stevi's Double Haul!
Redfish caught in Charleston by our Saltwater Pros on a 4" jerk minnow in baby seatrout with extra "Bite Juice"

 Juan Strikes Again


These 2 fish were both caught by stevi bolen on a 4 " Bio Shrimp watermelon gold

 Lake Seminole Hawgs!

Juan Gamez 11lb bass on Lake Casablanca in Laredo TX using neon black YoMama

 Caleb's Awesome Catch

We caught these flipping hyacinths on a 4" Black/Blue Flake YoMama.


Lay Lake, AL

Caught on East Texas Lake. 24.5" long 20" girth and full of eggs. He caught her on a 5" kiwi Trick Stick

Iowa Bass

Mat Hicks of Birmingham caught this 5lb 1oz bass in about 4 foot of water on a watermelon seed 6 inch lizard with a chartreuse tail. 

 A few good Walleye!

Caught on a 4" green pumpkin YoMama.


 College Station, TX
BBB Walleye Pro John Gillman and Rob Ruckman of Freeland, MI display a nice limit of walleyes caught on Big Bite Jigs tipped with Bio Bait Minnows and Big Bite Fat Grubs with BITE JUICE. With water temps well into the lower 30's,  Big Bite Baits outfished "Live Bait" 2 to 1


Daniel caught 12 largemouth bass and 3 hand-sized bluegill in about 4 hours on a 4-pack of 2" Triple Tip Grubs in Brown Crawdad fishing clear shallows!

 South Africa Catch     Falcon Lake, Zapata TX  

Caught on 4" Jerk Minnow



James Orr caught several  big fish on a Yomama in watermelon red on February 15th 

Casablanca Lake, Laredo     Lunker  

Juan Gamez
8-1/2 lb bass and 7 lb bass      YoMama in watermelon red used to catch both.


Check out this 13 lb lunker from Lake Casablanca, Laredo TX It was caught on a texas rigged 5" trick stick in watermelon purple swirl

Lake Seminole     Sea Trout  

Lake Seminole


Nice Spotted Sea Trout
Caught with a Big Bite Baits
Swimming Minnow in
Apalachicola, FL

Don Wirth 9 lb bass     Flounder and Sea Trout  

Caught with a 6" Biobait Pro Lizard
in green pumpkin.


Nice flounder and Sea Trout
caught with a 6" Biobait Fork Tail
Jerk Minnow.

9.2 lb Hybrid     Bear Creek Catch  

Caught on lake Eufaula in Alabama
with a 4" Swimming Minnow in
Black Minnow.


Caught on Beer Creek with a
4" Swimming Minnow in
SS Shad


Mindy's Big Catches        9.5 lb Bass  

1- 4 lb caught on Chippewa Flowage in Hayward, WI with a 4" Yo Mama Black Neon
2- 5 lb caught on the Mississippi River, just south of St. Paul, MN with a 4" Yo Mama Black Neon.


On lake Eufaula in Alabama
Using a 5" Trick Stick Watermelon
Red Flake.


 Small Mouth      Spotted Sea Trout  

Small Mouth
Caught in MN.
5" Trick Stick Green Pumpkin


Five Sea Trout
Caught with 4" Big Bite Shrimp.
Color: Shrimp Core
In Apalachicola, FL

 6lb Large Mouth      5 lb Bass  

6+ Lbs
Large Mouth
Caught with prototype
Top Toad in
Eufaula, AL



5 lb bass caught by:
Josh Hafften
with a 5" Trick Stick Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tip on Pelican Lake in Breezy Point, MN.


 A few good bass      Bass in Mexico  

"Just want to say your baits smell good enough to eat, and catch bass too! The smallie is 6 lbs and the biggest largemouth was 5.75 lbs. They were all caught on a 4" Yo Mama in Baby Bass color on lake Eufaula, OK on March 29th."
Thanks Rob Engster

All are 7-8 lbs, largest fish was 8.9 lbs.
Caught on Sugar Lake in Mexico By flipping 6" Creatures in Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Red with a 3/4 oz weight.

 10.8 lb Bass      Georgetown, TX  

10.8 lb bass
Caught by Jose Lopez on
Falcon Lake in TX.
Using a 4" Yo Mama
Watermelon Red Flake.



"Caught this bass along with 4 others (3 to 5.5 lbs) using a Green Pumpkin YoMama Texas rigged along the grass lines near Georgetown, TX. I LOVE THESE BAITS!"

Tournament win with 4" Creature      Sam Rayburn Lake  

"I recently won a two day bass tournament throwing nothing but the 4" Creature in Watermelon Chartreuse. I had big bass of the tournament weighing 8.44 lbs. I also caught a 9 pounder the day before pre fishing. My two day combined weight was 30 lbs. Caught out of Choke Canyon Reservoir Texas."


Caught on Sam Rayburn lake in Jasper Texas during the McDonald's Big Bass Splash

The fish won 5Th place in the first hour of the tournament

6.09 lbs. Caught the fish on a 5" sour grape trick stick, wacky worm style

Jack Caravella      Lake Belton Bass  

25 lb
Jack Caravella
6" Jerk Minnow
Watermelon Gold Flake Laminate


8 lb 9 oz bass caught out of Lake Belton, TX with a 6" Finesse Worm Texas rigged.

Lady Bird Lake      California Delta  

Matt Allen
7lb 4oz
Lady Bird Lake Austin, TX
5" Trick Stick Green Pumpkin
Wacky Rigged
"Love the product you guy's are putting out. Keep up the good work"


Ed Christo
9.2 lb Large Mouth
17 lb Striper
4" YoMama used to catch both.

Big Bite Boat!        

Boy Scout Troop in Michigan with BBB pro angler John Gillman.


2006 Big Bite Baits, Inc.