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 Feed Back

Please send any questions or comments about this site, our company,
or any of our products to: bbbaits@bellsouth.net  

Recent Comments:

Have tried your Rojas Cane Sticks in the Honey Bun Blue Flake and have been slaying bass around grass. Bass range from keepers to 4 lbs and I've been having a blast. After two trips my average is OVER 20 bass an hour. Last night I ran out of Sticks and found out quickly what a difference Big Bite Baits makes!!! 

Roger Hoffman, Bluffton, OH

Love the product and the customer service. Any chance I can get a window sticker for the truck? I would love to support your product. Thanks again for the great product.

Derek Elam, Krum, TX


The Perch pattern on your 4" Swim Minnow was killer in MN for Bass and Northern... the fish went crazy for it... no joke, the most action I've seen following a lure in 20 years of fishing!.

Kevin Krueger,  Saint Augustine, FL


I had a friend give me a couple of these worms (Squirrel Tail Worms) and I knocked the fish dead.  Love the action when you bump it.  Don't tell everyone about it yet (smile).  You folks are on to something big! Thanks for the greatest plastic worm EVER.

Robert Grott

Thanks for these fantastic baits! Attached is a picture from this past weekend ( a 25" Speckled Trout caught in the Upper Laguna Madre (Corpus Christi). I caught it on your Shrimp Core 6" Bio Bait Straight Tail Jerk Minnow, which is still in the fish's mouth! This is my first time using Big Bite Baits but I will definitely be going back to buy more!

JB Manning


I can't get enough of these worms.  Also, got half my clients and friends hooked on this worm (6" finesse).  Keep up the good work.  You guys rock!!!

Robbert Nowlin


I am a huge fan of your new squirrel tail worms. I have been waiting WEEKS to buy it!!!!

Myron L. Shetler


It's a pleasure to have fished with your excellent product.  Curtis Reeves is my Team Partner and has turned me on to Big Bite Baits.  I look forward to catching some good fish with the New Squirrel Tail worm.  I wanted a XL shirt but I don't see wear you can order one. Will you be adding that to the order list soon?  Thanks and have a very blessed week.

Greg Littles

Been fishing baits for a while now hardly ever use any other brands anymore the designs price and colors are awesome.  I buy most from Academy, but the one in Abilene doesn't have the squirrel tails yet.  Y'all have a great product.  Please send some stickers for my boat and boxes.  THANKS!!!!

Jim Fannin

On the new Rojas Fighting Frogs:  "Wow what a bait I tried them last week for the first time."

Vero Beach, FL

I caught 12 largemouth bass and 3 hand-sized bluegill in about four hours on a 4-pack of your 2RTTG-C-24 Brown Crawdad colored lures.  These are dynamite in clear shallows!

College Station, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I fished with Steve Stewart on Lake Seminole Friday.   He smoked me good with the Rojas Fighting Frog!   He wouldn't share a one with me though!!!   I placed an order on your site.   Get them too me as quick as you can!!    Steve is a great fisherman and person.   He talks highly of your company and is a good representative for you!   You've got a great bait with the frog!   I look forward to catching one on it!
Matt Palmer
Bainbridge, GA


One word guys;

I am an avid worm fisherman.  Every time I go into the Academy I look at your product.  I have to admit I was a little skeptical, I think this is only because I am used to sticking with what works for me here and though I know it's foolish I am reluctant to change my ways sometimes.  In any case, I really liked the look and feel of your baits so last week I purchased a bag of Finesse Worms and a bag of Trick sticks.

Like a kid eagerly awaiting for Christmas I finally found an hour this morning before Church where I could sneak out of the house and down to the Rio Grande to try them out.  I rigged up Texas style with a 3/0 off set Gama and a green pumpkin/Chart swirl Fin worm with a 1/8 bullet.  I was impressed with the firmness of the head when I put the hook in and wondered for a brief moment if this would effect my hook penetration with a weedless setup.  I found out shortly thereafter I didn't need to worry.  It was very windy and over cast this morning and with such a light weight I had to watch my line very close to detect any tick (or so I thought).

First cast I felt out the bottom, and second cast Wango! she hit it like a freight train! she was only about five pounds but a good solid fish.  I continued to catch several nice bass for forty minutes.  What impressed me even more so was the fact that I never changed my bait!  Each time I caught another fish I kept thinking I need to change my bait because I thought it would be tore up.  Maybe this is just a force of habit because of the other plastics I have used in the past.

What really put the icing on the cake was, I was up against a stump fishing off a concrete slab running down about six or seven feet into the water.  The water was pretty clear and the bottom was covered in bright green to brown moss. My worm was perfectly camouflaged.  I noticed a bass about two pounds cruising down the bank coming towards me.  I stopped my worm in the moss and didn't move a muscle.  She swam right over it and without me moving it she must have picked up the scent trails because she immediately pulled a 180 and pointed down towards my bait.  One twitch is all it took, although I am ashamed to admit I jumped the gun on this one and one head shake later she was gone.  I really had to do some soul searching here, continue to fish or ditch the family and miss Church.  Better sense got a hold of me though, after all if it wasn't for the Man upstairs I wouldn't have had the wonderful morning I had anyway.

 I left the worm on my line and checked it when I got home this evening, it was still fine and still had a heavy cent smell to it.  I have but only one question:  Do you currently have; or plan to produce a longer length or larger diameter in this style?  The reason I ask is because in deep south Texas and across the river in Mexico we have really Big bass as I am sure you are aware.  Prior to spawn every year I often find myself either gluing worms together or purchasing saltwater plastics at the Academy in order to make my own custom baits.  Normally we tend to throw the largest worms and craws we can get our hands on.  I would really like to have any feed back on this subject you can provide. 

In closing, I just want to say Thank You to you and your team for a wonderful product.   I feel confident in saying "It will be triple B soft plastics for me" from now on.

Thanks Guys!

David R. Thompson
McAllen, TX

I first ran into your Yo Mamma three years ago at a local tackle shop.  They bought a half dozen of four colors to see if they would sell.  After one trip and a 25 bass day I went back and bought the entire stock they had.  I couldn't keep it a secret long and now 4 pegs of baits has become 4 feet of wall space.  I have since added the creature and toad and at last count have 52 bags of Big Bite baits.  I don't plan to run out !  I would like to see my tackle shop add your tubes and will try them too.  Thanks for a great product at a working man's price.
Doug Lane
Longview Washington

2006 Big Bite Baits, Inc.