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Jeff Kriet Signature Series Baits


Big Bite Baits has partnered with BASS pro Jeff Kriet, 2nd place finisher in the 2010 Bassmaster Classic, to develop exciting new products.  These baits have great action in the water and are designed to catch big fish across the

"Traveling across the country I encounter many different water conditions and situations, I designed these baits and colors to catch fish anywhere in the US"

Jeff Kriet        

NEW For 2012!

Shaking Squirrel

A new finesse worm addition to the Big Bite line-up of Jeff Kriet signature series products. This worm was designed to be used in drop shot or finesse presentations when a super soft worm is needed for maximum action. It is made from our softest plastic formulation to give it the greatest action in the water. It is available in colors made especially for clear water. This new worm is available in 4.5” and 6” length.

4" and 6" Kriet Kreature
A new style creature bait available in 4" and 6". It is great when Texas rigged, Carolina rigged or as a jig trailer. The Kreature is available in 11 colors.


6" and 10" Kriet Tail Worm

The Kriet Tail is designed with a stickworm style body and a special tail that swims at any speed or condition. Available in both a 6” and 10” size it can be used in grass, wood, or ledges in deep or shallow water. The Kriet Tail comes in 11 great colors for any water color.

“This is the best big worm, I have ever used”, Jeff Kriet.

The Jeff Kriet Signature Series Squirrel Tail Worm

 Named for the nickname given to Kriet by Other Anglers

This shaky head deal is something that I feel I am pretty good at and I think this will be the best shaky style worm ever made."


Flying Squirrel

The Squirrel has done it again. This bait is a hybrid of a finesse and creature bait. It has characteristics that allow it to be used for finesse or power techniques. It features two “bulb” tail sections that are made from floating plastic. The legs are very thin and when combined with the floating plastic “bulb” on the tail causes them to wiggle with the slightest rod movement. It is great on a shaky head, but can also be used for the following techniques: Texas rig, Carolina rig or jig trailer. It is 5” long and comes in ten great colors.

Kriet Tail Lizard

This is a great new addition to the Kriet line-up of products. It features the same great tail as the 10” Kriet Tail worm. It has a great swimming action in the water and the large profile of this lizard will get the “Big Bite”. It is great in the spring and summertime for Texas rigs or Carolina rigs. It is 8” long and comes in nine great colors.


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