Rig It Tuesday with Russ Lane:

BAIT: Big Bite Coontail, Tilapia color, dye the tail chartreuse

RIG: attach a Coontail worm to a swinging jig head. This is the original Biffle Head. Match the weight of the head to the depth that you are fishing. This is a 1/2oz which would be good out to 15ft deep. This is a great rig for just about any time of year. Make long cast and use a slow but steady retrieve while maintaining contact with the bottom. This technique is very similar to fishing a crank bait but you retrieve about half as fast. Usually when a fish bites this rig he will be coming toward you so use a long sweeping hook set to take up any slack that you may have in your line.

ROD/REEL/LINE: Castaway Skeleton 7ftmh/6:1/16lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon

Rig It Tuesday with Russ Lane:

BAIT: 4" BigBite Real Deal Shad

RIG: 1/2oz chatter bait with RD Shad trailer

ROD/REEL/LINE: 7ft medhvy Castaway Skeleton/6:1/20lb Sunline Sniper FC

APPLICATION: Slow roll this rig around and over the top of submerged vegetation. When the rig hangs in the grass snap it free to generate reaction strikes. This is a deadly technique for late fall/early winter on lakes with hydrilla, millfoil and coontail. The large profile and realistic action of the RD Shad perfectly mimics a gizzard shad which big fish love to eat. Add a shad colored skirt if the water is stained.

Rig It Tuesdays:

Every Tuesday we post a new rig by one of our prostaff.

Try out the new Big Bite Baits Limit Maker, shown here in "Vegas Flash", on your favorite drop shot rig for great success and an awesome time!
Rig It Tuesday with Russ Lane:  Featuring a Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw in sprayed grass on a swing head football jig on 16 pound Sunline Sniper.
--Deep Summer Rig-- 🎣 🎣 The Deep Summer rig features a 5" Battlebug Trailer in Green Pumpkin Money using a 3/4 Oz Football Jig. Choose to rig this on a heavy action rod with your choice of reel using Sunline FC 18lb Structure line.