5 Must-Have Baits for College Anglers to Compete Anywhere

College fishing has exploded in just the past few years, and with that tournaments are being held all across the country. Various tournament venues call for different baits and tactics, however there are a few baits that consistently catch fish all across the country. Make sure to pack these 5 Big Bite Baits for your next college fishing event.

5-inch Trick Stick

The 5-inch Trick Stick will get bites when nothing else seems to be producing. This bait can be rigged in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular ways to use this bait are on a wacky-rig, shaky head, Texas rig, or Carolina rig. Some of the most popular colors are green pumpkin, watermelon red, black/blue metal flake, and junebug.

3.8-inch Pro Swimmer

The Pro Swimmer comes in 4 different sizes, but the 3.8-inch seems to be the best all-around size. This bait can be rigged on a swimbait head, belly-weighted swimbait hook, or used as a trailer for spinnerbaits, swim jigs, and chatter baits. Choosing the right color depends on matching what the forage looks like or matching the color of the skirt if using as a trailer. Popular colors include pearl, albino shad, baby bass and many more.

3.75-inch Kamikaze Craw

The Kamikaze Craw has amazing action and can be rigged many different ways. Whether Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or used as a trailer on any type of jig the Kamikaze Craw is a versatile bait.  Some popular colors include green pumpkin, tilapia, pearl, and black/blue flake.

4-inch YoMama

The YoMama is a bait that doesn’t  have a ton of action, but its bulky profile tends to get bigger bites. This bait can be used as a jig trailer when less action is needed, and there are plenty of colors available to match whatever color skirt it is paired with. The YoMama can also be used on a Texas rig, punch rig, or Carolina rig. Some of the popular colors include green pumpkin, tilapia magic, hematoma, and black/blue flake.

3/8 oz Tour Toad Buzz

The Tour Toad Buzz is a buzzbait pre-rigged with our popular Tour Toad. This bait is a must-have when the fish are feeding up shallow on topwater lures. This bait can be thrown around any type of shallow cover such as grass, docks, trees, and brush. Popular colors are anything with black or white.