Bulk Up

Your weight may have been a problem recently with too much eating and a lack of exercise, but that is not the “bulk up”, we are talking about.  Big Bite’s most popular shapes and colors are available in bulk packs of 25 and 100 counts.  There are three great reasons to buy your favorite baits in bulk.

1. Cost savings:  No sense paying for extra packaging for your favorite shapes, buy them in larger quantities to save money. Our bulk packs offer a money saving option for you favorite baits.

2. Stock up: Don’t run out of your favorite shape when you’re on a hot bite during your next fishing trip.  Bulk packages are also a great option for scholastic teams that like to share popular shapes during an event.

3. Organization: Keep your tackle more organized with our bulk packs.  Organization can lead to more fishing time,  and ultimately help you put more fish in the boat. Our bulk packs are perfect for storing baits in the garage or the boat, allowing you to have easy access to your favorite plastics.  User friendly packaging allows you to open and close bulk packs quickly, and they are free standing to help keep your tackle organized. Soft plastic storage systems can cost far more than $15, so our bulk packs can keep you organized in a cost-effective manner.

Take a look at our two exclusive bulk pack options that were developed specially to Big Bite’s criteria. First up is our Pro Pack. This high-quality constructed bag features a gusseted bottom to make it free standing, giving the baits more room at the bottom.  The gusset really helps with storage of bulky baits. The top features a zip to allow easy access to baits with the ability to seal your baits in. Our Pro Packs come with 25 baits per pack and are available in the 4″ Fighting Frog, 4.25″ and 5″ Cane Thumper, 5″ Trick Stick, and Craw Tube.

The Big Bite Baits Pro Pack

Our second bulk pack option is the Mega Pack.  It features the same quality construction and is also a Big Bite exclusive.  It is made to hold 100 of your favorite baits no matter the size. It features a roll top closure system with folding side tabs to secure it. The bag design features a flat bottom and square sides to keep the baits straight.  It is the ultimate storage system for big baits like sticks and big worms.  It works great for “go to” shapes that never leave your boat.  The Mega Pack easily stores on shelves or work benches to keep your baits straight and organized for easy access.

a large bulk bag of baits, click to shop
The Big Bite Baits Mega Pack